Making the invisible visible

Non-destructive and non-invasive inspection and testing

Terahertz radiation

In this business field we focus on new developments and services which are based on the THz technology. THz stands for terahertz radiation in the frequency range of around 0.3 THz to 10 THz (compare to the visible range blue to red of 430 - 750 THz). In contrast to X-ray, terahertz radiation has relatively low photon energy, does not damage tissues and DNA and is safe.

Non-destructive and non-invasive inspection and testing 

Terahertz radiation has drawn a lot of attention from the industry and the technology associated with THz radiations has been continually developed over the last decade.  THz radiation is particular suited to non-destructive and non-invasive inspection and testing due to its excellent penetration property through various material and substances, as well as the capability to obtain the specific spectrum to a certain substance.

There is a wide area of possible applications, such as in the area of inspection and testing of industrial materials, in the agri-food sector, in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry, and in the security and environmental sector.

Our services

Our strong team works together with our customers to find the best solution for their problems and plans. THz technology offers great new possibilities and opportunities for better and new innovative products as well as for solving difficult and critical problems of our society today.
We can offer the full range of services: starting from a feasibility study and sample measurements, the requirement engineering, the preparation of a system concept and design, the development of a prototype, the development of the necessary software, including algorithms and data-processing as well as user interface, and conclusively the evaluation and practical tests.